CEORA™ 544 EPOS Automower® Package with RAZOR 43M Deck

Sale price$59,149.00

A high-performance robotic model for large-area maintenance, featuring Husqvarna EPOS™ technology. Operates autonomously and systematically within virtual boundaries, allowing for flexible and hassle-free turf care.

Delivering highly professional results for sports fields or larger facility areas. Operating quietly and with zero emissions while in use.

Working area capacity 24hr:

  • Pro Sports Quality: 25,000m²
  • Pro Quality: 50,000m²
  • Regular Quality: 75,000m²

This CEORA™ configuration is equipped with the drive unit, CEORA™ 544 EPOS™, the tailored-made cutting deck, RZ 43M, and the charging station, CS4.

Package includes:

  • RAZOR 43M Deck -  High Cutting Deck (20mm-70mm)
  • CS4 Charge Station
  • Support Plate
  • Wheel Brush Kit
  • 2 years Warranty & Service Package


* EPOS™ reference station sold separately.