MowBot | Aspire Battery Garden Tools | Full Range of trimmers, pruners, mowers | Power for all Alliance

Compact, efficient, easy to store, intuitive and a sleek black design to match

Battery-Powered Garden Tools

Bring your garden dreams to life with the Husqvarna Aspire™ range

Easy to use. Smart to own.

Compact, extendable and foldable, each tool is equipped with a tailor-made hook for streamlined storage in limited spaces. The smart features and smart designs integrated into every Aspire™ product make garden work easier and more enjoyable.

MowBot | Aspire Battery Garden Tools | Full Range of trimmers, pruners, mowers | Power for all Alliance

Compact Size. Optimised Storage.

The Aspire™ range has been developed to optimise any small storage space. Each tool comes with a tailor-made hook to hang the product on the wall, maximising floor and shelving space in any small shed or garage. Use with the Aspire™ storage rail for a perfectly organised wall rack.

Storing your garden tools has never been so easy, space-saving or good-looking.

MowBot | Aspire Battery Garden Tools | Battery & Charger

One battery. More flexibility.

Part of the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE – among the largest multi-brand battery systems of leading manufacturers worldwide – the 18V P4A battery is compatible with over 10 other home and garden brands. One battery to power more of your tools means you get more projects done faster.

Each Aspire™ tool is purpose-built for maximum power within a compact, easy-to-store design.

MowBot | Aspire Battery Garden Tools | Husqvarna P5 Pruner and Pole | Power for all Alliance

Sleek design. Lightweight.

The lightweight design and small footprint of our Aspire™ products conceal more than meets the eye. Features like soft-grip, ergonomic handles and balanced body weights help you comfortably tackle any DIY project like a pro.

Orange interactive touchpoints indicate where you can easily adjust the product to your needs.

MowBot | Aspire Battery Garden Tools | Range hanging on garage wall
For anything to do with automowers, these are the people to talk to as they have in-depth knowledge and the practical expertise in using these machines.

Jamie Anderson

Prompt and efficient installation, didn’t oversell and made sure we got the best system for our property at a very reasonable price.

Brent Cooper

The team at MowBot have been amazing throughout our ownership with servicing and repairs. Highly, highly recommend one of these machines.

Jasmine and Luke Franklin

How long will the battery last?

We know you expect a powerful battery that consistently powers excellent results. That’s why the 18V POWER FOR ALL battery has been optimised across performance, weight and runtime. Specific runtime is dependent upon which product and battery you own. Review the table for expected runtimes for each product and battery combination.

Automower® Aspire™ R4 is not part of POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE and is powered with a built-in battery.

MowBot | Aspire Battery Garden Tools | Battery Life Table