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MowBot Lawncare Service

Here's what you can expect when you become a part of the MowBot™ family:

Hassle-Free Lawn Maintenance

Our robotic mower will live and work on your lawn, taking care of it day or night, regardless of the weather conditions. You will enjoy a perfectly manicured lawn without lifting a finger.

Say Goodbye to Ownership Costs

Say goodbye to the upfront costs and maintenance associated with owning a robotic mower. With MowBot™ you get all the benefits without the financial burden of owning the machine.

Ongoing Support

MowBot™ is committed to ensuring that your robotic mower works seamlessly. We'll handle maintenance and troubleshooting to make sure your machine delivers a top-notch performance.


Site Visit

Schedule an on-site or virtual meetup with our team and we'll check that your lawn is suitable for hosting a MowBot Monthly machine.

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Proposal & Pro Install

Upon approval of the MowBot Monthly proposal, detailing both installation and monthly subscription options, we'll arrange for the installation of the robotic mower. Let's kickstart your hassle-free lawn care routine and save you valuable time.

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Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax as our robotic mower tends to your lawn with precision and care, leaving you with more time to do what you love.

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MowBot Monthly FAQ

MowBot uses the flagship Husqvarna Automower® 450X in its MowBot Monthly fleet.

Meet Your Mower

Perfect for lawns up to 5000m2. Its intelligent design allows it to navigate narrow passages, obstacles, tough terrain, and slopes up to 45% incline. With built-in sensors, it detects objects to avoid collisions.

Premium features include Automower® Connect for GPS theft tracking and navigation assistance, along with LED headlights. Plus, its weather resistance ensures quiet and effortless operation in any condition.

There is no more rushing to get the lawns done when we're expecting guests. I recommend MowBot to anyone and everyone who has a lawn.


Not only do I not have to do the lawns anymore, but our lawn looks fabulous all the time, and there are no grass clippings anywhere.


MOWBOT have been awesome! They guided us on which mower was best for our property, seamless install process & ongoing servicing at our home.