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Winter Tip #5: Keeping Your Mower Wheel-y Clean

Winter Tip #5: Keeping Your Mower Wheel-y Clean

Winter’s in full swing, and we've got another tip for you in our MowBot Pro Winter Tip Series. Today we’re talking about something that’s often overlooked but super important: cleaning your robot mower wheels.

Here’s why you should make it a regular part of your maintenance routine.

Maximum Traction

Clean wheels ensure maximum traction, especially on slopes, minimizing the risk of wheel spinning. Spinning wheels can damage your lawn, creating muddy patches. Your MowBot is great at mowing grass, but it's not meant for churning up mud.

No Grass Clumps

No excess grass on your wheels means no clumps dropping from your robotic mower. This keeps your lawn looking pristine—just what you expect from your MowBot.

Lighten the Load

Mud, debris, grass, and small sticks can weigh down your mower. This added resistance drains the battery faster and adds extra strain to the wheel motors, reducing the lifespan of your mower.

Regular Cleaning Routine

We recommend cleaning your wheels regularly.

Husqvarna Wheel Brushes help keep your wheels clean and minimize buildup while mowing. Check them every six months or so to see if they need replacing. You can buy the Wheel Brush Refill Kits from the MowBot online shop.

Some Automower models, like the 450X and 430X, don't come with wheel brushes. For these models, we recommend using a Wheel Brush Start Kit to attach the wheel brushes and help minimize buildup.

If you're not sure which kit you need, just get in touch, and we can help you choose.

Check out our 'How To' video where James shows you how to install the Wheel Brush Refills for a NERA 450X.

MowBot Pro Tip - Keep your robotic mower wheels clean. How To Video: How to replace the Wheel Brush Refills in a Husqvarna Automower NERA 450X

By keeping your mower wheels clean, you're not just taking care of your MowBot—you’re also ensuring your lawn looks fabulous all year round. So, grab that brush and show your mower some love!

Happy mowing,
Nick & The MowBot Team

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