Winter Series

MowBot Pro Tip - Winter Series #2

MowBot Pro Tip - Winter Series #2

As the colder, wetter days of winter settle in, our robotic lawn mowers continue to work tirelessly. We stay warm and dry, and our lawns look beautiful all season long.

For the second tip in our Winter Series, we're focusing on mowing schedules and winter lawn growth.

Even though your lawn's growth slows down in winter, it still needs regular mowing - just not as frequently. It's crucial not to stop mowing entirely, as this can lead to fungal diseases and weed invasions. Adjusting your mowing schedule is simple with the Automower® Connect App. Watch the video below where Jake walks you through the easy steps.

Mowing Tips - Change your mowing frequency during winter slow growth times

If you're mowing less often, remember to rake up any excess fallen leaves. A thick layer of leaves can suffocate your grass, hindering its health and growth.

During winter, keeping your mower blades sharp is more important than ever. Sharp blades ensure a cleaner cut, promoting healthier grass that's less prone to disease. You can buy replacement blades from our new online store.

 We’re here to help you keep your lawn in top shape, no matter the season.

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