Winter Series

MowBot Pro Tip - Winter Series #1

MowBot Pro Tip - Winter Series #1

We're excited to bring you a series of winter tips to help you prepare for the season and keep your robot mower and lawn in top shape.

Winter Tip #1

Is your robotic mower leaving tracks in front of your charge station or creating muddy patches? We've got a few solutions for you, one of which is the incredibly useful Hybrid Grass.

Hybrid Grass

Hybrid Grass (or Track Grass) enhances the traction of robotic mowers, boosting their performance in tight, steep, and high-traffic areas. This specialised grass prevents robotic mowers from slipping and damaging the lawn on slopes or in frequently used spots where the path to guidewires or charging stations is restricted.

Check out the video to see Husqvarna Hybrid Grass in action. We installed this yesterday, and over time, the grass will grow through, maintaining a great appearance and preventing lawn damage.

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