Embracing the future of lawncare with Husqvarna

Embracing the future of lawncare with Husqvarna

For the last 28 years Husqvarna has led the robotic mower revolution with their Automower®

MowBot chose to partner with Husqvarna in 2019 and have been proud to evolve with them. Having the support of a manufacturer that has more than 2 million machines within gardens all over the world, has enabled MowBot to grow with confidence. Automowers® have proven to be extremely reliable for our customers with a minimum of unexpected stops. Day and night, rain, or shine, MowBot and its customers have been able to rely on Automower® to be out there doing its job effortlessly.

At the beginning of 2023 MowBot predicted an uplift in interest regarding robotic mowers as the technology moves into wire free installations, enabling machines to cover larger areas, working within virtual boundaries. We suggested this shift will bring more machines to the market as the race to upgrade lawns to a robotic lawn care solution intensify.

With robotic mowing kick-starters popping up weekly throughout this year and the likes of Mammotions Luba heading to our shores we look forward to consumers in New Zealand increasing their awareness around robotic mowing solutions.

From our experience with our first Automower®, a 2018 450X which mows up to 1.2acres at MowBot HQ, we know we made the correct choice by partnering with Husqvarna. Much like a lot of our customers machines, we named our machine and called him Woody. He has been a loyal robotic mower for us over the past 5 years working day, night, sun, and rain and has clocked up just under 19,000kms and 8500hrs and is still going strong. In this time, we have had to replace some parts. This has been an effortless process of hooking him up to Autocheck, Husqvarna’s diagnostic firmware, ordering the part causing the error before sending him out again. We have been that impressed with Woody that we are opening his own Instagram account. Keep an eye out for his adventures @woodythemowbot

Being able to provide an elevated level of continued support to customers is extremely important for robotic mower owners and something that all potential owners need to be aware of. For many thinking of buying a machine from a kick-starter company such as Mammotions Luba based in China, thought needs to be given to how your machine will be supported when something goes wrong as you are making an investment. For MowBot and our customers they have the knowledge that Husqvarna, a Swedish based company whose machines are made in England, have a country office in Auckland, warehousing around the country and are supported by 140 dealers. This means that any Automower® customer can not only bring their machine to MowBot, but to any dealer who will be able to have their machine serviced or any part replaced. This level of support has seen us maintain customers’ machines that are over 10 years old and has allowed their owners to reflect on their return on investment over the years.

Husqvarna Robotic Mower Innovation Timeline

Repeatedly Husqvarna have been ranked the highest performing product in external tests and surveys. This reliability, performance, and innovative technology allows MowBot partnering with Husqvarna and Automower® to be in league of its own.


Husqvarna Anniversary and innovation timeline
NY Times endorsement of the Best Robotic Lawn Mower

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